Mahesh Tapase  
Right to Education (RTE) Act:
The recent introduction of RTE act by the government is a boon for this country which makes elementary education free and compulsory for every child. This will slowly and steadily confirm that every child of this country receives his rightful education. As responsible citizens, you must also contribute in making this act a success by ensuring that children of your area, who are deprived of education, enroll themselves in government
schools and benefit from the RTE act. On the other hand, government should implement training & awareness programmes for the fulfillment of this act. Our collaborated efforts can surely bring down the out-of-school population of the country.
Drought in Maharashtra:
Farmers are the sons of the soil. And agriculture is synonyms with India since centuries. Hence, it is of utmost importance to pay heed to their requirements. The drought in Maharashtra has hit as many as 123 talukas, and farmers are consistently losing patience, which is clearly reflected from the farmer suicide statistics. Required policies should be adopted by the Drought Prone Area Programme &
promises should be kept by the people giving assurances. Only when the amount allotted for their relief lawfully reaches them, we can expect a change in the currently disappointing situation.
While we sit on a comfortable couch, there are many who don't even own a place to stand. While we take technology for granted, there are people who have never accessed these things even once in their life. While you enjoy the security of a job, there are people who struggle each day to make ends meet. On one hand, a tourist from abroad wants to visit the Taj Mahal, and on the other...
As a citizen of India, I wish to witness a day when every child lives to see his full potential; a day when basic necessities are available for the poor; a day when everybody leads a healthy life. Am I too lofty in my thoughts? I think not. As a youth politician, I recognize the significance and role of youth in shaping the future of our country. But when...
One of the core problems in India, which affects the real progress of the nation, is our complacent and indifferent approach towards the education sector. It is well known to us that education does not penetrate deep into the areas where it is most required – the underprivileged sections of the society. And this negligence is present in the society since many decades and generations.
Women Empowerment  
Our Indian history prominently reflects the stature of women in the society. From Rani Laximibai to Sarojini Naidu, women have proved their capabilities time and again. They were treated at par with men and excelled in various aspects of governance and warfare. However, over the years this gender has come across many hurdles and changing mindset. Yet women all over the world crossed these hurdles and continued to excel in business, politics, science... Read more...
Distributing free books  
Celebrating Ambedkar Jayanti  
Indian student Parliament talk  
Newshour debate at Times Now  
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Presently under the Mumbai Metropolitan area, and situated on the central line of Thane district, Ambernath is one of the fastest developing suburbs, home to several industries and with current voter population of 3, 40, 000. Currently, Ambernath Legislative Assembly Constituency comprises the entire Ambernath city and 19 municipal wards of Ulhasnagar city, consisting of camp number 4 and 5. Ulhasnagar was earlier a British army base known as Kalyan camp, which was converted into a refugee township to settle the Sindhi refugees from Pakistan. My late grandfather Shri G.D. Tapase, as a Minister of Rehabilitation was in charge of this whole operation. Ambernath gained importance and started flourishing... Read more...
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