Presently under the Mumbai Metropolitan area, and situated on the central line of Thane district, Ambernath is one of the fastest developing suburbs, home to several industries and with current voter population of 3, 40, 000. Currently, Ambernath Legislative Assembly Constituency comprises the entire Ambernath city and 19 municipal wards of Ulhasnagar city, consisting of camp number 4 and 5. Ulhasnagar was earlier a British army base known as Kalyan camp, which was converted into a refugee township to settle the Sindhi refugees from Pakistan. My late grandfather Shri G.D. Tapase, as a Minister of Rehabilitation was in charge of this whole operation.
Ambernath gained importance and started flourishing after independence, when Dharamsi Morarji Chemical Company Ltd., WIMCO – the single largest safety matches manufacturer in India, and an Ordnance factory of the Indian Ordnance Company—set-up during British reign that still serves the Indian Armed Forces—were established in Ambernath. Prior to this development, there were two villages that were recognized in Ambernath, Kohoj-Khuntawali and Hallyacha Pada – which was also the original name of Ambernath.
Ambernath soon turned into a frequent place-to-visit for people all over from Mumbai, due of the presence of Ambreshwar Shiv Temple, which is around 1000 years old. It is believed that it is perhaps one of the oldest shrines of Shiva. The temple has beautiful religious carvings in Hemadpanti style that attracts many devotees each day, and the numbers reaches to lakhs during Mahashivratri. Another religious landmark in Ambernath is the Baba Gaiban Shah Dargah, known to exist since 1643, and revered by Hindus and Muslims.
Ambreshwar Shiv Temple
  Ambernath has developed in the recent years by attracting many factory set-ups and posing as an upcoming metropolitan suburb. Ambernath is blessed with the beauty of nature and ample land space, which ensures both luxury-living and creating profitable economic-growth opportunities.
Fatima Catholic Church & School
Barvi Dam
  Apart from being the base ground for many small industries, other big companies like Godrej oleochemicals manufacturing facility, Ceat tyres, etc. have started building their plants in Ambernath, and they are well connected to Navi Mumbai and Taloja Industrial Area by road. Another booming area here is Anand Nagar MIDC, which has showcased rapid development and is now a fast-growing modern industrial locale.
  Ambernath east proudly boasts of the well-planned Suryodaya Housing Society, which is probably Asia's largest housing society of bungalows which contains more than 655 plots and covers around 4km² of area. Ambernath West has a colony for the employees of the Ordnance Factory, which has government-provided apartments; it is called the Ordnance Estate.
  Places to see & visit in Ambernath: Ayyapa Temple, Fatima Catholic Church and School, GIP Tank, Shanti Sagar Water Resort, Chikhloli Dam, Barvi Dam and Labour Statue & Garden and
Malang Gadh – a pilgrimage place known as Haji Malang Dargah which doubles as a hiking spot.
  Airport at Nevali village: After Union Ministry of Environment and Forest expressed their contention on the current proposed location of the Navi Mumbai International Airport near Kopra-Panvel area, I had written to the then Civil aviation Minister Mr. Praful Patel to actively consider Ambernath as an alternative location for the construction of the second International Airport at village Nevali on the Kalyan-Ambernath belt, which is 55km away from the current International airport in Mumbai. This land is an old abandoned strip that was used by the Britishers during World War II. The commissioning of the said airport would have given a powerful boost to the Kalyan-Ambernath-Badlapur locality by opening avenues in the service sector, thereby generating huge employment opportunities for the locals.
  Future of Ambernath
  Many factors like being close to very close to Mumbai, strategically located, industrial hub, growing tourism, and more land space has made Ambernath reach newer heights each time! I wish to make Ambernath as the most sought after business & residential location in near future, by upgrading the present civic infrastructure and by inviting more businesses to establish their plants in the MIDC area of Ambernath.