Posts Held:
Currently, the Spokesperson and General Secretary of Nationalist Congress Party (NCP), Maharashtra
Delivering a speech
State Youth President, NCP, Maharashtra, 2006-2010
President, G.D. Tapase Charitable Society
Vice-President, Maharashtra State LPG Distributors Federation
District President, Nationalist Youth Congress, 2002-2006
State-Spokesperson, NYC Maharashtra State, 1999-2002
General Secretary, Maharashtra Pradesh Youth Congress, 1996-1999
Executive Member, Maharashtra Pradesh Youth Congress, 1994-1996
Vice President, Kalyan Dist NSUI, 1991-1994
To promote unity, oneness, togetherness & peace
Promoting unity among citizens
To protect, care, inspire and empower the underprivileged
To encourage sustainable development through active participation & community involvement
To create platform for growth of micro, small & medium enterprise
To promote vocational training & skill development in unorganized sectors
To promote literacy and education
To create awareness about conservation of natural resources and environment protection
  Propagate the NCP ideology & the views of its leader Mr. Sharad Pawar
  Address the media on various National & International issues
  Agitate & revolt against unjust policies
  Recommend new initiatives for development
  Promote secular values, integrity, nationalism & sports
  Represent the NCP on various National & International forums
Mahesh Tapase with
Mr. Sharad Pawar
  Involve Self-Help Groups in community service & sustainable livelihood
Distributing of free books
  Spread awareness about female infanticide, HIV, etc.
  Organize medical camps, de-addiction camps, etc.
  Operate relief & rescue operation in times of natural calamity
  Educate young famers about new methods of agriculture by arranging workshops
  Organize skill development programs for urban/rural youth
  Distribution of free books to the under privileged students
  Organize vocational education seminars
  Lineage – Grandfather Late Shri. G.D Tapase:
Veteran freedom fighter & philanthropist from Maharashtra
Late Shri G.D. Tapase
Governor of Haryana, 1980-1984; he made the Maratha Memorial at Panipat, as a tribute to the Maratha warriors
Governor of Uttar Pradesh, 1977-1980
Chairman of Railway Service Commission (Railway Recruitment Board, Mumbai)
Member of Parliament, 1962-1968
Elected as MLA in 1946 from Maan Tahsil in Satara District
Minister of Bombay State (1946-1957), wherein he held many posts including Housing and Industry. He drafted the temple entry bill for the entry of harijans into places of worship. He resettled the Sindhi migrants of Pakistan at Ulhasnagar, now a flourishing city in Thane District
Member of Satara Municipality, 1938-1946
President, Satara City Congress Committee, 1938