Country's progress, lies in women's progress!
  Our Indian history prominently reflects the stature of women in the society. From Rani Laximibai to Sarojini Naidu, women have proved their capabilities time and again. They were treated at par with men and excelled in various aspects of governance and warfare. However, over the years this gender has faced many hurdles and changing mindset. Yet women all over the world crossed these hurdles and continued to excel in business, politics, science, social work, etc. Irrespective of the fact that the condition of women in India is changing for good, we cannot deny that there is a gamut of things yet to be considered and implemented.
  Consider these things that can be incorporated in the rural areas, for women:
Skill enhancing workshops
Literacy programs for rural women
Agriculture, handloom and similar industrial training
Health workshops
Education about women rights and laws
Population control education
Hygiene and sanitation awareness and education
  Incorporating these tools will scale-up the situation of rural women to a new dimension altogether.
  Among the rural population of India, 48% comprise women. This is surely a huge portion of our population, which I feel should be independent, so as to help their own as well as the country's growth. In the literacy rate of 2011 census reports, the female literacy has shown an upward trend in not only urban areas, but also in rural regions of the country. This builds my trust that the rural women of India too, wish to improve their education level.
  The two things that can change the current scenario of women in the country are 'empowerment' and 'entrepreneurship'. I personally believe strongly in women entrepreneurship and I would like to witness that their talent reaches the point of generating revenue for their respective families. This will empower them to take even more striding steps towards their own development. The Women and Child Development Department started by the government of India is a noteworthy step in this direction. With policies like Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises Development Organization (MSME-DO), Rashtriya Mahila Kosh, etc., undertaken by this department, we will witness the desired changes.
  Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) has also done some notable work in empowering women and saving girl child. NCP is the first party to open a young women's wing called the Rashtravadi Yuvati Congress, which empowers the young women to speak about social issues and also to be a part of the decision making process. The women's wing, brainchild of Mrs. Supriya Sule (MP), also continuously works towards creating awareness about female feticide, which will give birth to future women leaders of India. The party works towards providing higher education to girls, eradication of illegal dowry practice, etc. and additionally, encourages women to play active role in doing social work. It was through NCP's efforts that the women's quota in elected civic bodies of Maharashtra was raised to 50% from 33%!
  Just like educating one woman is educating a family, empowering several women of the country is building a progressive India!