Towards a nation of healthy citizens...
  As a citizen of India, I wish to witness a day when every child lives to see his full potential; a day when basic necessities are available for the poor; a day when everybody leads a healthy life. Am I too lofty in my thoughts?
I think not.
  As a youth politician, I recognize the significance and role of youth in shaping the future of our country. But when 47% of children in India are victims of malnutrition, it is critical to first address these issues. Only then can we ensure a force that is both, healthy and youthful. My visits to the tribal areas of Maharashtra were a moving experience. What pained me was that malnourishment was not only restricted to children, but gripped the fate of entire families. The starting point to make a difference is to generate awareness within the progressive stratum of society. When this part of the society decides to contribute their time and efforts for the improvement of underprivileged section, it can change the current scenario. I strongly believe that humanitarian measures are the only solution.
  I look forward to join hands with the youth of my country and scale up the nutrition agenda by committing to encourage village and cottage industry and ensuring hygiene, sanitation and drinking water for the poor and tribal areas.
  However, I feel that the liability should be borne by each one of us and we must feel accountable to change the wrong actions transpiring around us. Following efforts if undertaken by all can yield favorable results:
Joining hands with an NGO which is already working towards the problem of malnutrition, and investing time and efforts
Creating awareness about personal hygiene and sanitation
Act as a mediator between the service provider and the end receiver. For e.g.: making them aware about any government plans for them, organize free medical service camp around their area, etc.
Try to feed at least one poor/homeless child every day or whenever possible
Inculcate a habit of not wasting even a morsel of food grain
  I intend to create this awareness among people, that even on ground level each of us can contribute to wipe out one social evil from the vicious circle of poverty. Additionally, we should watch out for other malpractices like child labor, child sexual abuse, etc. It is the right of every person, be it an adult or a child, to have healthy living conditions and every citizen should contribute towards ensuring it.
  I want to see a country, where every child receives his rightful education and leads a healthy and happy life, and together we can work towards creating it!