Working towards a better standard of living for all!
  While we sit in a comfortable couch, there are many who don't even own a place to stand. While we take technology for granted, there are people who have never accessed these things even once in their life. While you enjoy the security of a job, there are people who struggle each day to make ends meet. On one hand, a tourist from abroad wants to visit the Taj Mahal, and on the other hand believes that poverty is the reflection of true India. These are but, two facets of the same country. This perception, this situation and this standard of living is what calls for a change!
  This is what I feel should be done to fulfill the need of the hour:
Create more employment opportunities in the rural segment to lessen the number of migrations per year.
Develop agriculture, handloom and similar industries, by helping the locals in remaining updated with the latest technological know-how and conduct workshops for the same.
Create awareness about family planning and population control.
  Execution of these necessary measures can be ensured, when each citizen elects a candidate with honesty and an afterthought. The major problem lies when the youth population of India—which is supposed to be the largest in the world—itself does not vote. There is a clear urban-rural divide. The rural youth is more inclined towards community service and hence make their way into public life. The urban youth seldom get a chance to participate in community work. I feel that more and more urban youth should first register themselves, and participate in the election process, as they can raise the standard of living of many underprivileged families in India.
  We have become increasingly immune to witnessing people in dreaded conditions in India, as we have grown up around this environment. It looks like a 'normal' phenomenon to us. We need to change this very attitude to bring about a national change. As a part of the youth of this country, you can join hands with the Indian government or NGOs and NPOs of your city, or yourself carry out actions that can make a difference in the lives of these individuals living on streets, signals and other odd localities. Inform them about possible job opportunities; help them connect with the industries where they can work; make them aware about how important hygiene & sanitation is and also about free medical camps and vaccination centers for their children.
  We also need to understand that different regions of a state have different issues and concerns, and corresponding action plans need to be strategized by the system. The problems of Vidarbha are different than those of Western Maharashtra. Also, the locals need to be made aware of how they can explore earning options from what is available to them. For example, the Konkan area is industrially not developed and the residents and youth of this area often migrate to cities. However they do have abundance of natural resources and scenic beauty but they are not aware of how to use this untapped reservoir of opportunity in tourism sector.
  Proper initiative to boost tourism in Konkan Maharashtra will not only fetch revenue for the government but will also keep the firewood burning in thousands of households. The recent announcement of the ambitious Sea World project, an aquarium-based theme park, is a positive start in this direction.
  Opportunities like these created in every underdeveloped area of the country will yield fruitful results, beneficial for the future of the country!