Building an educated and skilled nation...
  One of the core problems in India, which affects the real progress of the nation, is our complacent and indifferent approach towards the education sector. It is well known to us that education does not penetrate deep into the areas where it is most required – the underprivileged sections of the society. And this negligence is present in the society since many decades and generations. The result of which is that currently, majority residents of the underprivileged areas completely dismiss the need of education on account of poverty!
  Firstly, this part of the population needs to be made aware of the importance of education in an individual's life, and secondly, they should be connected to the schools especially set-up for the poor and needy by the government. A significant step taken in this direction by the government is the formation of the Right to Education act. Under this act, children between 6-14 years of age will receive free and compulsory education. This act should be publicized by the local bodies, citizens and specifically the youth. I believe that the young citizens of my country have the potential to not just contribute in this direction effectively, but also bring about the desired changes.
  Also, if you are a person who has grown up fighting the odds and risen above it to excel in something, then you should enlighten the underprivileged citizens through your example and motivate them as well. I already see some young guns marching towards educating children and adults by connecting with education NGOs and committing to progress along with the backward stratum of the society. With their efforts, Maharashtra is progressing towards 80% literacy rate. Yet, the task is to ensure that the people dwelling in rural and tribal belts of Maharashtra are also in-line with this development.
  Another important action to be implemented here is to initiate teacher training programs. When the educators of a school are abreast of new learning systems & techniques, then they are bound to enlighten a bunch of students at once, who will be in-line with the progressing society. Periodic revision of syllabus and assessment of teachers' skills should be given equal priority.
  We must understand, that lack of education is not just a roadblock for an individual, but it also gives a chance for other illegal practices to thrive in the society. Due to lack of educational awareness, many children are forced to leave their studies and they become victims of child labor. Each one of us must ensure that we report such cases, as and when we come across any, and help a child to walk the path of knowledge. Citizens should inform local body officers about children who are not receiving their rightful and free education. Many such small initiatives will truly help to change the lives of deserving and needy children.
  Small seeds of education sown in these children will lead to forming brawny economic roots, a strong structure of the social scenario and refining not just the present, but also the future of our country.